Monte Carlo Casino

The most popular gambling destination outside United Stated is Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo which is located in Las Vegas is known for its casino and tourist spot.

The Monte carlo casino is about 150 years old. In 1854 Prince Florestan I wanted to generate revenue for the state so he legalized gambling. Around 1856 the first casino was opened in a villa near the harbor. Prince Charles III envisioned the future and ordered to build a new quarter known as Monte Carlo. It had a grand new casino which we now know it as Monte carlo casino. The construction under the supervision of the famous architect Charles Garnier began in 1858. He designed the casino in the Baroque style. A 50-year dispensation to function the gambling rooms was given to Francois Blanc. He used to run casinos in smaller town of Germany. Gambling was banned in Germany hence the chance to run Monte carlo casino was like a boon to Blanc.

The Monte carlo casino opened in 1863. Things were a bit rough at the beginning for Blanc. He was not able to draw adequate customers to be able to pay his fee to the state. At that time the roulette wheels in Europe had 00 and 0. Blanc introduced those wheels in the Monte Carlo Casino. After the new changes the casino grew from rapidly and steadily. Two most noteworthy events in Monte carlo casino was one when Joseph Jagger broke the bank in 1873 and other one was when a con artist Charles Wells played with borrowed money. A bank in a casino was referred to the resources held on the table by the croupier and not the entire money of the casino. Charles Wells on the other hand got lucky by using Martingale Doubling system to hit the roulette wheels.

In 1898 Societe des Bains de Mer a private company with a substantial government stake took over the casino.1n 1910 a movie theatre was an amendment to the casino complex. Poker is a major attraction at the casino. Monte Carlo is famous for hosting the European Poker Tour. If you are not able to visit this casino and play poker, you can for sure look here and try to get a taste of the Monte Carlo experience.